What is a drilling machine?

What is a drilling machine?

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What is a drilling machine?

Drilling machines, also known as drill presses, are used for drilling different sized holes in a variety of materials at many different depths. It is a necessary tool in many types of industrial jobs and can perform several other functions aside from drilling.
Tapping is one of the other functions a drilling machine performs, referring to drilling holes in pipelines that are under pressure. Spotfacing refers to refining the edge of a hole to fit a bolthead or washer. Reaming makes holes more dimensional and improves the finished surface. Countersinking creates a space at the top of the hole to hold a bolt screw head in place. Counterboring makes an existing hole larger to fit the size of specific screws.
Other types of drilling machines include the upright sensitive drilling machine, upright drilling machine, radial drilling machine and special purpose drilling machine.

Drilling machine

What is a drilling machine used for?

Drilling machine is used for making holes with removal of chips. Drilling machines are also for drilling, boring, countersinking, reaming, and tapping. Several types are used in metalworking: vertical drilling machines, horizontal drilling machines, center-drilling machines, gang drilling machines, multiple-spindle drilling machines, and special-purpose drilling machines.
Vertical drilling machines are the most widely used in metalworking. They are used to make holes in relatively small work-pieces in individual and small-lot production; they are also used in maintenance shops. The tool, such as a drill, countersink, or reamer, is fastened on a vertical spindle, and the work-piece is secured on the table of the machine. The axes of the tool and the hole to be drilled are aligned by moving the workpiece. Programmed control is also used to orient the workpiece and to automate the operation. Bench-mounted machines, usually of the single-spindle type, are used to make holes up to 12 mm in diameter, for instance, in instrument-making.

Specification of drilling machine

Drilling machine with specification about: drill route,  Distance from bit to drilling plate and from bit to cyclinder, Drill bit diameter, motor are vital factors in purchasing.

The important guides to purchase a drilling machine

  • Basic Types of Drilling Machines
  • Belt drive (stepped pulley)
  • Belt drive (variable speed pulleys)
  • Electronic variable speed control
  • Geared head
  • Hybrid machines are also available. i.e. belt drive with gearbox, geared head with 2 speed motors, etc Machines are available as bench or floor models, in various sizes (larger machines are normally floor only) with or without power feed options
  • Sizes of Drilling Machines
    Drilling machines are normally designated by their drilling capacity, maximum capability to drill holes in mild steel (50/60 Kg Steel) using a standard HSS drill i.e. 13mm (1/2”) machine should have the capability to drill a 13mm (1/2”) diameter hole in mild steel


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