Edge welding technique

Edge welding technique

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Edge welding with gas is widely used to weld details from thickness of from 0 ÷ 2 ÷ 2 … With folded edge welding skills to help students have the ability to apply in real production. Export.
– Prepare details of welding the correct drawing size, ensuring technical requirements.

– Prepare proper and proper welding equipment;

– Choice of welding rod diameter, flame power, welding velocity when the type of material and thickness of the material.

– Welding, welding units for sale, sure enough to ensure technical requirements.

– Select welding method, torch angle, welding torch method, welding rod, flame type suitable for the thickness and properties of the material.

– Welding is the type of welded edge in every welding position to ensure deep, not porous, slag, no metal puncture, less deformation.

– Check and evaluate the quality of welding.

– To perform well the work of safety, fire and explosion prevention and industrial hygiene

1. Prepare the folded weld.


– Acetylene gas.

– Oxygen.

– Steel plate (1.6 x 100 x 200) mm: 2 sheets.

– Welding rods Φ1.6.

– Cut and smooth.

– Clean the solder and the surface of the two plates.

– Folding embryos:

+ Mark the straight line of the beginning of the embryo from (3 ~ 5) mm.

+ Fold the folded edge into the clamp so that the crease folds over the top of the clamp.

+ Use the hammer to bend the embossed folding edge as shown.

2. Prepare welding equipment.

– Department of Labor Protection.

Gas welding equipment.

– Welding kits.

– vertical welding equipment.

3. Calculate welding mode.

3.1. Tilt angle of the torch:

– Keep the angle of inclination of the torch tilt an angle of 45 P0 P to 50 P0 P compared to the direction opposite to the direction of welding and flame orientation of the solder.

– Hold the groove straight to the welding direction with the two sides next to a 90 P0 angle

3.2. Torch movement:

Welding torches and welding rods greatly influence the formation of welds based on the weld position in space, the weld thickness required for the weld size to select the appropriate welding torch and welding electrodes.

With folded weld, the torch movement is straight. When the puddle is too hot, pull the flame away from the welding puddle, waiting for the puddle temperature to decrease further to continue welding.

4. Welding floss.

– Adjust the oxygen pressure at 1.5 kg / cm 3 P and acetylene at 0.25 kg / cm 3 P.

– Use solder joint 70.

– Open the gas valve, ignition and adjust to be flame neutral with flame length multiplied from (5 ~ 6) mm.

Place two sheets on the plane, adjust the two faces close to each other (no gap), Adjust the edges evenly, clamp the folded edge with dead pliers close to the attachment.

– Distance between the beams (30 ~ 50) mm


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