How to choose a drilling machine

How to choose a drilling machine

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You are intending to buy a magnetic drilling machine, you do not know which machine to choose to fit the material and purpose of their work. With years of experience in the field of drilling machine business

Construction of magnetic drilling machine

What is a drilling machine?

Magnetic drilling machines are familiar in the mechanical engineering industry, which is mainly used for drilling and drilling. Magnetic drilling machines are essential and widely used in the mechanical and civil engineering industry. Currently, there are three main types of drilling machines on the market:
Magnetic drilling machine for cutting: these machines are usually originated from Japan, Taiwan, China, … with cutting limits allow up to 50mm
Magnetic drilling machine for drilling: normal drilling mills no more than 18mm
Machine type used for both drilling and cutting: This machine is mainly from Europe, allowing drilling machines with high speed and high pressure, up to 32 mm

Consultation for selecting magnetic drilling machines
Drilling material

Magnetic drilling machines are suitable for use on most metal surface materials, as they operate on the basis of magnetic media. In case you want to work on non-metal material, must be equipped with metal fasteners.

If your work needs flexibility, you have to go out of the workplace, choose handheld drilling kits as they can easily be moved and drilled in difficult locations.
If your work is simply drilling less than 16 mm, choose a drilling machine. The majority of drilling machines have the advantages of being very compact, lightweight and especially low cost.
In the case of cutting jobs only with a cutting range of 12mm – 15mm, you should choose cutting lines that take advantage of their fast cutting edge. However, if you want to expand the drilling function, you need to install more accessories.
If your work requires a great deal of drilling and cutting, then you should choose the right drilling machine cutting European standards. Although these products cost is more expensive than two kinds above , you can use their flexibility.


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